Thursday 8th November 2012
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If you have ever owned a Lexus RX300 and had to replace any parts then we want hear about your experience. Let us know how these parts performed once fitted by leaving a short review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Lexus RX300 Overview

The Lexus RX300 is classed as a crossover SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturers Lexus, which is the luxury division of Toyota Motors. The RX300 was only available on the first generation of the RX, which was from 1997-2002. These vehicle are well equipped and are great fun to drive. They are also very comfortable with a lot of room inside. They handle well, are good on-road but poor off-road. They guzzle the fuel but are extremely well built. Does this sound anything like your experience of the Lexus RX300?

Lexus RX300 History

The Lexus RX300 was available from 1998 to 2003. The RX300 was only available during the first generation of the luxury RX series. This vehicle was a crossover SUV which is a crossover of the luxury sedan and a SUV. This vehicle was to become very popular quickly. It was the best selling Lexus model and the best selling SUV in the US. In 2001 the RX series had a facelift which gave a refreshing restyle and improved some safety features. The RX300 was replaced with the RX320 and RX350 in 2003.


Standard Trim
Silver Sport
Coach Edition

Fuel Economy

The Lexus RX300 is a 3.0L petrol engine which offers up to 18mpg which is not very good. How did your RX300 perform in terms of fuel economy? Remember to consider the age, fuel type and engine size when thinking fuel economy.


The Lexus RX300 was available as a 4-speed automatic and this was the only gearbox available. How did your gearbox perform on this vehicle? You can have a look at our Lexus gearbox section to find the RX300 gearbox parts you need for your vehicle.


You can find Lexus RX300 parts at some of the best prices around through Breakeryard. We know RX300 parts can be very expensive to replace and our comprehensive network of UK Breakers have these parts at amazingly cheap prices. You can visit the RX300 parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the exact parts at the right price.