Tuesday 6th November 2012
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We would love to hear about your experience of the Mercedes 200. We would also like to hear about the performance of any replacement parts you fitted to your vehicle. Write a short review in the comments box below.

Mercedes 200 Overview

The Mercedes 200 is classed as a mid-sized executive car and was produced by the German car manufacturing company Mercedes-Benz. The 200 name has been used for a few different versions of the Mercedes car over the years, but we are focusing on the Mercedes W123 and W124 models which were in production from 1975-86 and 1985-96 respectively. Both these versions are part of the Mercedes E-Class. These cars are classics and have stood the test of time. They are well designed with plenty of room inside. They are extremely well built cars that handle really well. The W123 is said to be better built than the W124. Sound anything like your experience of this car?

Mercedes 200 History

The W123 (1975-86) was introduced in 1975 as a replacement for the W115. This car was larger than its predecessor with more modern looking styling. These cars were available as saloon, estate, with the coupe version coming in 1976 and limousines the following year in 1977. These cars were an instant success and were soon recognised for their excellent build quality. In 1982 they had a mild facelift mainly affecting the shape of the headlights, from round to square. The W124 (1985-96) had real build quality which meant these cars can be expensive but run for miles, lasting a very long time. This was a very aerodynamic car with some great features and innovative design technology. Although this was a very popular version, it was not as well built as its predecessor.


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Fuel Economy

The Mercedes 200 was a 2.0L petrol engine which offered up to 30mpg, which was not great, but wasn’t all that bad for a petrol car of this class. How did you find the economical performance of your Mercedes 200? Remember that the age, engine size and fuel type is determining factors in fuel economy for a vehicle.


The available gearboxes for the Mercedes 200 were: 3, 4 and 5 speed automatic and 4 and 5 speed manual gearboxes. Which gearbox did you have and how did you rate its performance? You can have a look at our Mercedes gearbox section to find the gearbox parts you need for your Mercedes 200.


If you are looking for Mercedes 200 parts then look no further. Here at Breakeryard we aim to help you find parts for whichever car you have. Our vast network of UK Breakers has parts available for all makes and models. Have a look at our 200 parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate your parts.