Friday 12th October 2012
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If you have ever owned a Nissan Terrano and had to purchase any replacement parts then we would love to hear about your experience and how the parts faired. Write your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Nissan Terrano Overview

The Nissan Terrano is classed as a mid-sized SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) produced by the Japanese manufacturers The Nissan Motor Group. In Europe this vehicle was marketed as the Nissan Terrano II, as it was based on the original Terrano. The European version was built at the Spanish Nissan factory and was also marketed as the Ford Maverick in Europe where Nissan had an agreement with Ford Europe. The Terrano is reasonably priced but is not as good off-road as some of the class leading competitors. It is a good family option for a vehicle of this type and is more suited on the road. It is not the most economical or best performer but is reliable and well equipped. Does this sound like your experience of the Nissan Terrano?

Nissan Terrano History

The Nissan Terrano was first produced in 1993 and came in both 5-door LWB (long wheel base) and 3-door SWB (short wheel base) form. In the UK there was a panel van version made out of the 3-door SWB version. This vehicle was only made in one version but had a few makeovers over its lifetime, the first in 1996 which changed the headlights to round ones.

In 1999 the Ford Maverick version was discontinued and the Terrano had a makeover again, which mainly affected the front end and interior design. In 2002 there was another makeover, with the main change affecting the name. It was now called Terrano as the old Terrano was renamed the Pathfinder. It ceased production in 2006 as there was the Pathfinder and X-Trail covering this market.


Sport LE
SE Touring

Fuel Economy

The engines available over the life of this vehicle were the 2.4L petrol and the 2.7 and 3.0L diesel engines. The most economical of the engines is the 3.0L diesel which offers up to 31mpg. This was the latest diesel engine on offer for the Nissan Terrano. Which engine did you have and how did it fair economically? Always consider the age, fuel type and engine size when determining fuel economy.


The Nissan Terrano was available in 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox did you have and how was it performance? Have a look at our Nissan gearbox section to find your Terrano gearbox parts at great prices.


Nissan Terrano parts can be expensive to replace but here at Breakeryard we have them available at very cheap prices. We have a vast network of UK Breakers with parts for all makes and models waiting for your order. Search our network of Breakers by entering your vehicle details in our part finder or visit the Terrano parts page.

Are you having problems with parts on the Terrano? We have solutions to your problem parts on Nissan Terrano problems page here.