Monday 4th November 2013
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Winter is now here and on 27th October the clocks went back one hour. An investigation indicates road fears are on the rise due to the end of daylight-saving time. At 2 am, last Sunday the clocks went back one hour to 1 am; this means an extra hour of beauty sleep will be enjoyed this week. The sun will rise earlier, and the nights will also draw in one hour earlier. This means lighter mornings and darker evenings. For some people in Scotland this means dark afternoons from as early as 2 to 3 pm.

Road fears due to darker evenings

Is one-hour extra sleep worth those road fears and other health issues? For some people, turning back the clock can induce headaches, confusion, depression, insomnia can hit harder and hunger often does not go away. In one way or another, this affects us all, for some it is also said to affect our social life, our mood and eating habits.

Road fears are on the rise especially during the winter months. Motorists are already concerned about their car's health such as tyre depth etc. When the clocks go back one hour, road fears are heightened by double.

When the clocks go back road lights are switched off or are dimmed, these alone increase road fears by making it less easier to see. The majority of drivers actually oppose the road lights being switched off. As a result of the darker evenings and lights being switched off, it can be difficult to see the road ahead. Moreover, driving becomes strenuous; tiredness is heightened and road signs plus pedestrians are less visible.

Most accidents occur between 7 pm and 8 am, although this can vary depending upon where you live. Once the clocks change a higher number of fatalities transpire. So long as our local councils switch off or dim the street lights; accidents will continue to rise during the winter months.

Are you concerned by the clocks going back? Do you have any road fears?