Wednesday 5th September 2012
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If you have ever owned one of the Rover 800 Series cars then let us know what you think of these vehicles. We also want to hear about the parts you had to replace and how they faired. Leave your comments below in the comments box.

Rover 800 series Overview

The Rover 800 Series is a range of executive cars produced by the British manufacturing company Austin Rover Group, using the Rover name. This car was designed as a replacement for the Rover SD1 series and was itself replaced by the Rover 75. The Rover 800 series cars are cheap to buy, spacious and comfortable. They are now pretty old fashioned looking vehicles and are not to great a ride.

Rover 800 series History

The first generation (1986-92) was built in collaboration with Honda, who would market this vehicle under the Honda Legend name. There were many variations of the 800 series. The Sterling was the top of the range saloon version and the Vitesse was the top fastback sports version. This car was known for its poor build quality, from which it unfortunately never recovered.

The second generation (1992-99) was based on the R17 design platform which gave this vehicle a new look. It was curvier than its predecessor which helped make it more aerodynamic and it resorted to the Rover style grille to give it that familiar Rover look. The 800 series was the UK’s best selling executive car in the mid 90’s. There was another slight makeover in 1996 adding some security features and some slight changes to the exterior and interior.



Fuel Economy

The available engines for these vehicles were the 2.0, 2.5 and 2.7L petrol versions and the 2.5L diesel engine. The 2.5 diesel engine offers up to 44mpg and is the best in the range economically. Take into consideration the age, fuel type and engine size when determining the fuel economy.


The gearboxes available were 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual gearbox. There is a Rover gearbox parts section of our website where you can find your gearbox related parts at reasonable rates.


If you are looking for parts for your 800 series then check out our 800 series parts page which has many different parts at competitive prices. You can also enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the part you need. Our vast network of Breakers has many parts in stock.