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It is said that the earth's magnetic field is virtually faultless when it comes to directions. Porton Down and the National Physical Laboratory declares that we could be seeing a new generation of satellites sometime soon.

The innovative creation that is in development at present is called the quantum compass. Scientists are hard at work trying to phase out present satellite navigations systems that we have come to rely upon these days. The new sci-fi device using the earth's magnetic field will also change how we view travelling features on our mobiles.

Studies of the earth's magnetic field in creatures

Scientists have constantly been mystified how creatures of the earth such as turtles can navigate around the earth.

Furthermore, studies have shown that birds use the earth's magnetic field to determine their present position before voyaging to home base. Some studies suggest that birds have magnetic particles in their beaks, which supposedly act like a compass. However, the phenomenon has not yet been proven.

Research shows that creatures use the earth's magnetic field and are able to create mental maps of south, north, west and east. Although this study is nothing new, it is incredible how creatures have the ability to judge the four points of the earth, including longitude and latitude.

New arrival using the earth's magnetic field

The point behind the challenge of developing these quantum compasses is that we will not be dependent upon satellites and radio masts. Instead, we will be reliant upon the earth's magnetic field to navigate us.

Quantum compasses have amazing accuracy; this is why submarines are excited to use it. Currently, when submarines surface, they can be more than one kilometre out of what they believe was their original location.

Current sat navs do not use the earth's magnetic field, so they are constantly vulnerable for attack. The sun's rays also interfere with their navigation. Both negatives make them susceptible to major error at times. A quantum compass will eradicate these negatives, so should therefore make travelling more enjoyable and accurate.

As technology advances there will be a need for everything else to be updated, and this will include cars. Many cars currently have built in sat navs which means for many motorists they will have to wait to buy a new car to enjoy the quantum compass. The other alternative is to ditch their old system and replace it with the newer version.

The pros and cons of the earth's magnetic field

In essence, the earth naturally spins on an axis which causes electrical currents; it is this that produces a magnetic field. One might wonder if the quantum compass is just another sales gimmick. After all the earth's magnetic field is linked to the earth's core, this within itself creates rare shifting and anomalies. Other than this infrequent irregularity, there are no other known causes that could disturb these new devices.

One of the greatest advantages to quantum compasses is underwater projects. The military will be able to work with accuracy and with zero vulnerabilities. In time, this invention could really change the world with regards to how we operate. This tremendous development will be the underpinning of newer technologies in the home such as quantum computers, clocks, mobiles, radios, cameras, energy and much more.

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It is believed that satellites have a greater drawback to threatening interferences compared to quantum compasses. Satellites can an provoke enemy attack, the signals do not work in caves, underwater, multi-storey car parks, tunnels and more.

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