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According to the results of a survey released this week, Scotland could be one of the best places to do this as motorists say Scotland offers the most scenic routes in the whole of UK.

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The most scenic routes in the UK

Are you looking for the most scenic routes in the UK? The Scotsman reports that the poll of thousands of drivers by motoring and leisure association the CSMA Club found that 47 per cent of people deemed Scotland has the most scenic routes and the ideal location for a carefree drive, making it the most popular out of all the UK regions.

Cornwall came second with 41 per cent of the vote, followed by Devon and Wales in joint third with 38 per cent.

However, those with the time to travel slightly further afield could consider a trip to the stunning driving routes available in some of our European neighbours.

The poll found that France is seen as the best place on the continent for a scenic drive with 64 per cent of the vote, followed by Italy and Switzerland.