Monday 17th September 2012
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If you have ever owned an Alfa Romeo 156 and had to replace any parts then we want to hear about your experience of the car and how the replacement parts faired. Please write your Alfa Romeo 156 review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Alfa Romeo 156 Overview

The Alfa Romeo 156 is classed as a compact executive car and it was produced by the Italian car manufacturing company Alfa Romeo from 1997 – 2007. This car was originally designed in 1997 as a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 155 and was itself replaced by the Alfa Romeo 159 in 2007. These cars look great and stylish but they are known for their reliability issues and are not as accomplished as such competitors as the BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-class. They are very reasonably priced compared with their competitors.

Alfa Romeo 156 History

This car was first introduced in 1997 and was an instant success for the company. The popularity of this car went on until 2005 when the saloon version was discontinued. The estate version continued in production until 2007. The estate version was introduced in 2000, and was the first estate version for Alfa Romeo in this class. They called it the 156 Sportswagon and it was a success for the company.

This car was designed on a platform derived from the Fiat Tipo and was available in front wheel drive and 4x4 for the Sportswagon version. The exterior design was very stylish and considered by many to be the most stylish of this class. This car had a makeover to the interior in 2002 and the exterior the following year. The final car was produced in 2007 and then they were replaced with the Alfa Romeo 159.


Veloce 1
Veloce 2

Fuel Economy

There were a few different engines available for this car. The petrol options were: 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.2L V6 and the diesel options were 1.9 and 2.4L. The most economical of the range was the 1.9 diesel, offering up to 48mpg. Always take into consideration the fuel type, engine size and age of the vehicle when considering fuel economy.


There was a wide choice of gearboxes over the life of this vehicle. There were 5 and 6 speed manual, 4-speed automatic and 5 and 6 speed semi-automatic. If you are looking for gearbox parts for your 156 then visit our Alfa Romeo gearbox page to find your gearbox parts.


Alfa Romeo 156 parts can be found here at Breakeryard. We have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers who have many different parts available. Enter your vehicle details in our part finder or visit the 156 parts page to locate your parts.