Thursday 4th October 2012
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Have you ever owned a BMW 316 or had to buy any replacement parts for the vehicle? Let us know about these experiences by leaving your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

BMW 316 Overview

The BMW 316 is classed as a compact executive car and is produced by the German car manufacturing company BMW. The 316 is part of the 3-series BMW range, with the first digit of 316 representing the series and last two digits representing the engine size, in this case 1.6L. The 3-series range has been the best selling range of any BMW cars, and was introduced to bring a car that would mix both class and economy. The introduction of this car bumped up BMW more than they could have imagined. These cars are top quality, very spacious and are the top of the class. They are costly to buy but well worth every penny. Is this similar to your experience of the BMW 316?


The first generation (1975-83) BMW 316 was introduced in 1975 and almost doubled BMW sales worldwide. It was first available as a 2-door saloon and 3 different engine sizes including the 316. The second generation (1982-91) version was more expensive than the previous version but had several improvements made. The third generation (1990-99) went for a new look and was to be very successful and popular on the worldwide market. The success of the fourth generation (1998-2006) version followed on from the previous version.

The fifth generation (2005-12) was a total new design for the 3-series, having new engines, gearboxes as well as other structural changes. The sixth generation (2012 onwards ) is the current version on the market and includes many great new features including new aluminum petrol engines.


Edition ES
SE Business Edition
Performance Edition
M Sport

Fuel Economy

The BMW 316 is the 1.6L version of the BMW 3-series range. This engine is available as 1.6i petrol and offers up to 40 mpg. This is not too bad for a car of this class, as BMW try focusing on economy as well as style. How did your 316 perform in terms of fuel economy? Remember to consider the age of the vehicle and gearbox type when considering fuel economy for a 316.


The BMW 316 is available in 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox do/did you have for your 316 and how did/does it perform? Have a look at our BMW gearbox section to locate the gearbox parts for your 316.


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