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Daihatsu Sportrak Overview

The Daihatsu Sportrak is classed as a mini SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Daihatsu. This vehicle was in production from 1987 to 1998 and is only known as the Sportrak in the UK. It is known as the Feroza in the rest of Europe, Australia and Latin America and the Rocky in Japan. These vehicles are well priced and are cool looking mini SUVs. They don't drive very well and are not that good off road. They are available in 2WD and 4WD. There is not much space in the rear passenger area. Does this sound anything like your experience of the Daihatsu Sportrak?

Daihatsu Sportrak History

The first generation (1984-92) Daihatsu Sportrak was available in hard and soft top variants of this mini SUV. The first generation was known as the F-300 which was its factory number. This version of the Sportrak was only available as a 3-door but was also available as either 2 or 4WD. The Sportrak engine was a detuned version of the Rocky engine used for the Japanese market. All export versions of the rocky used this detuned 1.6L engine. The second generation (1992-98) was known as the F-310 was pretty much the same as the previous version but had a slightly wider track. They were both built on the same chassis. This version was only available as the hardtop and ceased production in 1998 when it was replaced with the Daihatsu Terios.

Model Types

EL EFi SE EX ELX EXi ELXi Xi Timberline Midnight Limited Riviera

Fuel Economy

The Daihatsu Sportrak was available as a 1.6L petrol engine which offered up to 24mpg. This fuel economy is not that great but again is pretty much what you would expect from a vehicle of this type. How did your Sportrak perform in terms of fuel economy? The age, fuel type and engine size of a vehicle are determining factors when it comes to fuel economy.


The Daihatsu Sportrak was available as a 5-speed manual gearbox. How did you rate the performance of the gearbox on your Sportrak? If you need gearbox parts for your Sportrak then have a look at our Daihatsu gearbox page where we have cheap gearbox parts available.


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