Thursday 27th September 2012
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If you have ever owned a Fiat Multipla and you had to buy any replacement parts for the vehicle then we would like to hear about the experience you had with both the vehicle and the parts. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Fiat Multipla Overview

The Fiat Multipla is classed as a compact MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and was produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat. This compact MPV is based on the Fiat Brava small family car offering more seats and space while trying to maintain the size of the small family car. This vehicle was smaller than its rivals so was good for driving around busy places. The first version was ugly and the modified version lacked character but is worth thinking about if you are considering this type of vehicle. How did you find the Fiat Multipla?

Fiat Multipla History

The Fiat Multipla was first produced in 1998 as a replacement for the Fiat 600 Multipla which is where it took its name from. The Fiat 600 Multipla was produced in the 50’s and 60’s. This vehicle was voted the Family car of the year for four years in a row by Top Gear Magazine from 2001 but was classed as the ugliest car in 1999 in the same magazine. This vehicle was popular in Italy but not so in other countries.

This vehicle had a makeover in 2004 which meant that it got rid of its horrible looking front end and went for a more standard compact MPV look. Fiat was looking to get more customers in for the vehicle but this didn’t really happen. They decided to end production of the Fiat Multipla in 2010 when it was replaced with the Fiat Freemont.


Dynamic Family
Dynamic Plus

Fuel Economy

There is a variety of different types of engine for the Fiat Multipla. There are 1.6L petrol, 1.9L diesel, 1.6L CNG and LPG hybrid engines. The most economical are the hybrid engines, with the 1.9 diesel being the best option out of the petrol and diesel engines, offering up to 45mpg. How did your Multipla perform economically? Remember to consider fuel type, age and engine size when determining fuel economy.


This vehicle is available in a 5–speed manual gearbox. We have a section of our website dedicated to Fiat gearbox parts where you can find the gearbox parts you need for your Fiat Multipla.


Have you experienced problems with parts on the Multipla? If you are, why not check our Multipla problems page here. If you need parts for your Fiat Multipla then look no further, you are sure to find them here at Breakeryard. Our vast network of UK Breakers has parts available for all makes and models and they offer them at very competitive prices. Visit our Multipla parts page or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate your parts.