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We want to hear about your experience of the Peugeot 806 and how any of the replacement parts faired when you fitted them to your vehicle. You can leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Peugeot 806 Overview

The Peugeot 806 is classed as a large MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and is produce for the French automobile company Peugeot which is part of PSA Peugeot Citroen. This vehicle is one of the Eurovans families which are produced at the Sevel Nord factory to be marketed under the Peugeot, Citroen, Lancia and Fiat names. This is the same vehicle as the Fiat Ulysee, Lancia Zeta and Citroen Evasion. These vehicles are well refined and are a good ride. There are not as well built as some rivals and don’t have much space in the boot when all seats are fitted. There are better choices on the market for large MPVs. Does this sound anything like your experience of this vehicle?

Peugeot 806 History

These vehicles were in production from 1994-2002. They had rear sliding doors which made access to the rear good, especially in tight spaces. These vehicles had the gearstick on the dashboard and the handbrake on the driver’s side which meant there was no centre console, making room for a passage between the front seats. There was a slight makeover in 1998, but nothing to drastic. The 806 was replaced in 2002 with the 807 when the next generation of this vehicle was introduced, continuing with the traditional Peugeot naming system.


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Fuel Economy

The Peugeot 806 had the following engines available: 1.8 and 2.0L petrol and 1.9 and 2.0L diesel engines. The most economical of the available engines was the 2.0L HDi diesel engine which offered up to 42mpg. Which engine did you have and how did it perform economically? Remember to consider the age, fuel type and engine size when determining the fuel economy of a vehicle.


The Peugeot 806 was available in 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox did you have and how was its performance? We have a section of our website dedicated to Peugeot gearbox parts where you can look for your 806 gearbox parts.


We have Peugeot 806 parts available at amazing prices. We have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers with parts available for all makes and models of vehicle. You can search for your parts by entering your vehicle details in our part finder or visiting our 806 parts page. We may the answer to your problem 806 parts. Check our 806 problems page here for a solution.