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Have you ever driven or owned a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow? We would like to hear of your experience of this car and of any replacement parts you needed to purchase. Tell us your experience and write your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Overview

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is classed as a luxury car, and was produced by the British car manufacturing company Rolls Royce. This car was in production from 1965 – 1980 and was the most produced vehicle Rolls Royce made. These cars consume a lot of fuel, but you don’t purchase such a classy luxury car as this for its fuel economy. These are classic cars with a great history, and wear the ‘spirit of ecstasy’ mascot with pride. These cars are well built and are costly to buy, but great to drive.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow History

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (1965-77) was built as a replacement for the Silver Cloud. It had many changes from its predecessor, whilst maintaining many features of the popular Silver Cloud. Half of all sales from the Silver Cloud were in the UK, and due to tight little roads, the dimensions were made smaller than the Silver Cloud while improving the interior space due to the new design platform. This car had many high quality modern features such as hydraulic suspension, disc brakes to name but a few. A long wheel base version was available in the US from 1969; they are now real sought after collectors’ items.

The Silver Shadow II (1977-80) was introduced in 1977 and had some real upgrades to the previous version. There were some changes to the steering and front suspension which made the car a lot better at handling. There were some limited edition versions made in 1979 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Rolls Royce. The Silver Shadow II ceased production in 1980 and was replaced with the Silver Spirit.


Silver Shadow 4 door saloon
Silver Shadow long wheelbase 4 door saloon
Silver Shadow II 4 door saloon
Silver Shadow MPW Convertible
Silver Shadow MPW 2 door Saloon
Silver Shadow James Young 2 door Saloon

Fuel Economy

There were two engines available for this vehicle. The Silver Shadow had a 6.2L V8 petrol engine and the Silver Shadow II had a 6.8L V8 engine. These are greedy on fuel, but that’s what you expect with engines of this size. These cars are not produced for economy but for performance.


The Silver Shadow had a 4-speed automatic gearbox where as the Silver Shadow II had a 3-speed automatic. Have a look at the Rolls Royce gearbox parts section to find your gearbox parts at a very reasonable price.


There are Silver Shadow parts available at Breakeryard. Our vast Breakers network across the UK has many different parts at their disposal. Enter your vehicle details to search through this network of visit the Silver Shadow parts page to find the exact part you need.