Tuesday 11th September 2012
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Have you ever driven a Smart Roadster? We would love to hear of your experience and how any replacement parts faired. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Smart Roadster Overview

The Smart Roadster is classed as a small sports car or Roadster and is produced by the German car manufacturing company Smart GmbH which is part of the larger Daimler AG Group. This car was in production from 2003-06 and was available in Roadster and Roadster Coupe versions. This car has amazing fuel economy, it's great fun to drive and looks pretty cool and distinct. They are pretty slow and don’t have a great re-sale value but are excellent looking Roadsters to own and drive.

Smart Roadster History

The production of the Smart Roadster and Roadster Coupe began in 2003 as Smart had decided to design and produce a small sports car. The Roadster was designed on a stretched For two platform, and the roofs are removable for both versions. These vehicles have rear mounted engines produced by Mercedes Benz. Due to the warranty issues the Roadster didn’t make as much money for the company as expected, when the vehicles had to be brought in for repair. Smart decided to end production for these vehicles in 2006, with the last one produced now in the Mercedes Benz museum.

Model Types

Standard Trim Light Speedsilver Finale Bluewave Brabus Racing Edition

Fuel Economy

The engine available for this vehicle is a 0.7L petrol engine which offers up to 55mpg which is not bad for a roadster. Due to the lack of power on these engines, they are not so good on motorways however, they can still do the job, so 55mpg is good for these circumstances. One real benefit is when it comes to parking. They are great for maneuvering in and out of small spaces.


The only available gearbox for this car is a 6-speed semi-automatic. There is a Smart Car Gearbox section of our website, where you can find your Roadster gearbox parts for your car.


Have a look at the Roadster parts page of our website to locate your Smart Roadster parts. We have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers who have many different parts available. You can also enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the parts you need.