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If you have ever experienced a Volkswagen Passat then we want to know what your thoughts are. We would also like to hear about different experiences you've had when dealing with parts for this car. Write your review in our comments box below.

Volkswagen Passat Overview

The Volkswagen Passat is classed as a large family car and is produced by the German car manufacturing company, The Volkswagen Group. This vehicle has been around since 1973, through 6 generations which has transformed the look and feel of this car as technology has advanced. This was the first of the new generation Volkswagen designs in the early 70's. The latest version of the Passat is very stylish, its also known for its safety and is a great car to drive. This is one of the best cars in its class and they are extremely reliable.

Volkswagen Passat History

The first version Volkswagen Passat was the B1 (1973-81) which was a fastback, front wheel drive car. As VW took over Audi in 1964 this vehicle shares many characteristics with the Audi 80. An estate version become available in 1974.

The second version B2 (1981-88) was a bit larger than the previous version but maintained the now famous look of the Passat. In 1985 it had a makeover which affected the lights, bumpers, grilles and parts of the interior design.

The third version B3 and B4 (1988-96) was the first Passat not to be built on an Audi platform but was all VW. It shared many features now with the Golf, just larger in size. A new improved engine range became available. The B4 was introduced in 1993 but was more of a makeover version to the B3 with minimum changes being made.

The fourth version B5 (1996-2005) again returned to sharing a design platform with an Audi, this time the new Audi A4. The new VW design was introduced on the B5 Passat, making it much more aerodynamic, thus improving fuel efficiency. In 2001 the B5.5 makeover version was released, which only had minor changes made to the vehicle.

The fifth version B6 and B7 ( 2005-11) was no longer sharing an Audi platform but again with the Golf. The B7 was released in 2010 but wasn't a new model just a makeover version of the B6. This is the current version on the market, apart from the North American market where a new version was released in 2011.


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Fuel Economy

The petrol engines range from 1.4-3.6 and the diesel is from 1.9-2.5L. The 2.0 Tdi is the most sought after version in Europe, with the diesel range engines being the most economical out of all the available engines. Consider the age, fuel type and engine size when thinking fuel economy.


Currently there are 5and 6 speed automatic gearboxes and 5 and 6 speed manual gearboxes available. The older versions had smaller sized gearboxes depending which version. Have a look at the VW gearbox section of our website to locate your gearbox parts.


Volkswagen Passat parts can be found through our comprehensive network of UK Breakers, search by entering your vehicle details in our part finder or visiting the Passat parts page to locate the exact part you need.