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Skoda Auto has already made a large impact on the Chinese market but they aim to make a bigger impact with their strategy of “Dynamic and Emotional” according to Winfried Vahland, chairman of Skoda Auto.

Over recent years Skoda has moved from developing low profile vehicles to a more aggressive strategy through their product design, technology and customer communications. Skoda Auto has been around since before 1900 and joining the Volkswagen Group has been a major factor in their overall improvement.

Skoda's recent VisionC concept car which they unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is a clear sign of their future intentions. "The five-door coupé features expressive styling and dynamic elegance and Chinese consumers will see the similar design elements in locally produced Fabia and Superb models in the future." is what Vahland said about this car.

Watch the video below of the Skoda VisionC concept car at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show:

The Chinese market has been Skoda's largest market for the past couple of years, with 227,000 vehicle sales in 2013. This is slightly down over the previous years figures of 235,700 units sold, and the 2012 sales where Skoda's best ever sales figures for a single year.

They are still aiming to reach their sales target of half a million vehicle sales in China for 2015 according to Vahland: "We are still on the move to our target of selling 500,000 units in China in 2015, with aggressive new product offensive".

This is what he said on their current influence on the Chinese market: "This year we will have six products in China. And we plan to develop a new SUV, larger than Yeti, in 2016 and bring it to China in early 2017. With this product portfolio, we target to occupy 3 to 4 percent of the passenger vehicle market. Thus, I strongly believe that Skoda will have a long-term, bright future in China."

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