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The Czech Republic automobile manufacturing company Skoda Auto has just reached another milestone.

They have just recently produced their 11 millionth car at their major production plant in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic.

The Mlada Boleslav production plant employs almost 10,000 people and is the main production plant for Skoda Auto. Currently at this factory there are the following Skoda cars produced: Octavia, Octavia Combi, Rapid, Rapid Sapceback, Fabia and Fabia Combi.

Skoda reached the 11 million cars produced milestone on the 19th March 2014 and it is still unclear exactly which model was the one to mark this achievement.

This is what Michael Oeljeklaus one of the Board members for Production at Skoda had to say about this achievement: “Mladá Boleslav is the heart of the global Skoda production network. This, the eleven million vehicles produced, demonstrates the strength and importance of both the plant and the company. More than 50 percent of all Skoda cars built to date have left the production lines in Mladá Boleslav, of which one million were produced in the last two years alone. Skoda's heart beats in this town and at this factory. The whole team is very proud of the eleven millionth milestone. In the years ahead, Skoda will continue to grow with the most comprehensive model campaign in the company’s history and our main factory is going to play a key role.”

Skoda is part of the Volkswagen Group and it also has large production plants in the emerging markets of Russia and China. Skoda has seen a vast improvement over the quality of vehicles in recent years. You can share your experience of your Skoda vehicle in our comments box below.

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