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Some newer cars may require their owners to invest in used car parts for sale to replace faulty components more frequently than older versions of the same model, new research suggests.

According to a study by Warranty Direct, older versions of models including the Audi A4, Porsche Boxster and Ford Fiesta have better reliability than their newer counterparts.

The Jaguar XJ Series was found to have the highest discrepancy, with the newest models having a 56 per cent chance of failure, compared to just 35 per cent for the 1997-2003 version.

It was also revealed that repair costs are often higher for newer cars, with the average repair cost for a 2002-08 Ford Fiesta, for example, nearly twice that of one built between 1995 and 2002.

Duncan McClure Fisher, managing director at Warranty, said that the results of the study show that, although often seen as more desirable, buying a new car "isn’t always the most cost-effective route".