Friday 27th September 2013
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Mike Newman has been blind since the age of 8 years old after being born with glaucoma. For the last ten years he has continued to break many speed track records. Mike Newman was a former Barclay’s manager; he gave up his prestigious managerial job to start his own charity. Newman's charity is called the Speed of Sight; his goal is to assist disabled drivers by means of designing and building specifically adapted track cars.

Mike Newman and his spectacular speed of light record

Mike Newman owes this amazing exploit to his father. When Mike Newman drives, he is accompanied and instructed by his father who is usually in the air via helicopter, or on land using a radio link to communicate with him. Mike Newman has to concentrate much more than a person who isn't blind. His father uses verbal commands such as left, right, brake, slow down and drive straight. Newman's driving is limited compared to a non-blind motorist, for obvious reasons he shy's away from overtaking and taking corners.

Mike Newman broke the speed record at 186 mph in a Porsche worth £170,000 at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire. Newman and the Speed of Light team are setting up another venture, but on water.

Mike Newman has reclaimed the speed track record from a Turkish singer Metin Senturk. During April 2010, he achieved a record speed of 182 mph in a Ferrari F430.

The 52-year-old Newman is now celebrating his victory as it’s always been his goal to win this speed track record for Britain.

Newman's goal is to encourage other blind disabled drivers to become more actively involved in Motorsport. He wants other people to feel the excitement that he has grown to enjoy. Mike Newman has built specially adapted track cars that are fitted with dual controls, two steering wheels and hoist assistance. The Speed of Light charity is equipped to fully assist disabled people.

More information about Speed of Sight and their events can be found here