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We take a look at some of the worst cars sold during 2013. Although, some 2013 cars were very impressive, others were totally unimposing.

The list below of the worst cars for 2013 and their facts were taken from Consumer Reports. Some are these models were reported as having suffered dreadful performance, terrible dynamics, shocking reliability, out of date style or simply nothing special. Although, some cars may have tested well with performance, everything else may have still scored zero.

Specifics of worst cars

Smart Fortwo is considered one of the worst cars to buy. Although it looks impressive and reasonable, it is far from it.

The standard car is pricey and offers zero luxuries; you have to buy the optional extras at quite a price.

Of course, these optional bits and pieces bump up the total spend and for this, you could buy a better, more equipped and powerful car. It is not the most economical car considering how small it is.

Mercedes Benz CLA is another car on the worst cars list reported; you would not think this car was made by Mercedes. Although, true to the Mercedes styling and elegance, it does not deliver a great drive.

The cabin is cramped and is noisy; the drive is stiff and handling is difficult; the view is impaired and parking can be somewhat tricky. With a beginners £24,775.00 price tag, it is easy to understand why alternative cars would be a better choice.

Mitsubishi Mirage is not so favourable even though it is a cheap car to buy from brand-new. It is one of the worst cars to drive in view of the fact of having to throttle the accelerator.

One has to literally floor the pedal to wake up the sleepy car. Handling is a letdown, and the cabin interior is extremely basic. The only bonus for this car is its no road tax, 65 mpg and practicality.

Mitsubishi Outlander is a popular 4X4 and rated one of the worst cars for 2013 due to it being so mediocre. It is actually a small SUV, yet due to its clumsiness it feels much bigger.

This offers no competition to other 4X4's; its drive is stiff, lacks agility; acceleration is rather sluggish, and the cabin appears cheaply furbished. However, the Outlander is not cheap and for what it offers, you could easily buy an alternative that gets you a superior quality and drive.

Chevrolet Spark CVT is one of the worst cars to buy simply because of its terrible drive. Although it is not expensive and features clever connectivity, it is not worth the irritating drive.

The Spark is a nice-looking car and for £6695.00 it appears a steal; however, it is uneconomical, uncomfortable, noisy and the cabin is very bland. With a little more money, it is possible to buy an alternative car with better specifications.