Tuesday 26th November 2013
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The Tato Nano is the cheapest ever car invented in today's prices. For the well-off man, it could even be cheaper than your home computer. Let's not get too excited though, if you fancy your chances at driving one, you will have to travel all the way to India. Even so, jumping into a Tata Nano in India to travel through their country could sound quite appealing if you love an adventure.

Just because the Tata Nano is cheap does not mean it's a bad car to buy. With an appealing £1,700 brand new price tag, it really is a tough one to beat. The Tata Nano was specifically created to jump the motorcycle market. Practically, everyone drives around on a 100c bike in India; it's the Nation's transport of preference.

Tata Nano no frills mini car

The Tata Nano is a step up car for those seeking the middle class societal hierarchy.

India is a fast developing country and is quickly becoming an aspirant to the rest of the world. For some people in India, buying a car even though it's cheap means a fresh start.

The Tata Nano is a mini saloon, and it carries four people, including the driver. It's a tight squeeze, but it is doable and everyone feels safe. The car is literally a four-door box, which makes it the same size as the original mini, but one about 1 foot taller.

The Nano's body is a steel monocoque, which is merged onto a strong and sturdy space-frame. Its price is low due to many cost-effective cutbacks. The entry level Nano is a simple car with flat side glass panels, one wiper blade, independent suspension, no anti-roll bars, four-speed gearbox, no tailgate, three-wheel nuts, one door lock and much more.

Anyone can customize their Nano to make it appear more upmarket, or more comfortable. There is the possibility to add many accessories, some of which are decal sets, body kits to make it more sporty and dashboard trims. Other models are available such as the CX and the LX; these particular cars also have air conditioning.

The Tata Nano weighs in at 600kg; it should be a breeze for most of us to carry! It has a 625cc twin cylinder engine which is capable of cruising at 50 to 55 mph with a 35 bhp. It's not the fastest car, but it does drive four people with ease. Emissions are low, and its average fuel consumption is 55 mpg.

The Tata Nano is a good drive considering the roads in India are somewhat bouncy. It parks well due to its smallness, and steering is sharp.

Even though the Tata Nano is a cheap car, it does ooze a middle class image. This is clearly Tata's goal, and they intend to keep it as a cool people's car. Tata intends to refurbish the Nano shortly; it is hoped that the facelift version will create even more charm.