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Using a car parts finder to make modifications to your vehicle is a great way to improve its performance or replace broken or outdated components and keep insurance down.

But before investing in replacement car engines or other parts that can significantly alter their motor's speed, young drivers should be aware of the impact it can have on their insurance costs.

Keep Insurance Down

According to What Car?, the expense of insurance is still the biggest issue for young drivers aged between 17 and 24, with the average annual cost of insurance for new drivers a whopping £3,000.

The magazine has this week issued a list of top ten tips for young drivers looking to keep the lid on how much they need to fork out on insurance cover.

Among its recommendations is that they avoid modifying their car with parts that significantly alter its performance or increase its value.

It claims this can add an average extra of £305 to annual insurance costs.

Opting for a bigger engine can have an especially big impact on insurance, as What Car? calculates that upgrading a basic 1.25-litre Fiesta to a 1.4 can increase insurance premiums by more than £250.

Choosing a modest level of trim for your first car is also a good way for young drivers to lower their costs.

Sticking with the Ford Fiesta as an example, the magazine reveals that upgrading from a Studio to an Edge trim model will up insurance costs by around £400 for a 17-year-old driver.

Meanwhile, to help permanently lower the spiralling cost of car insurance for young drivers, What Car? argues that additional driver training should be offered.

What Car? magazine editor John McIlroy pointed out that 74 per cent of young drivers say they would take up an offer of extra tuition if it saved them money on their insurance.

"We want more insurance companies to recognise the benefits of additional young driver training and reward those who take it with a lower premium," he said.