Monday 26th January 2015
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A big day is coming for Ford as they launch their third generation Ford Focus RS 2016 on 3rd February.

Third Generation Ford Focus RS debut

Ford have published an official video which shows the model undergoing its final testing in the USA and Belgium. Initial reports suggest that the car is likely to be front-wheel drive and will have a turbo charged 2.3 litre, four cylinder EcoBoost engine. The Focus RS will also feature Ford’s innovative torque steer reducing RevoKnuckle front suspension system.  Insiders say it will have a 330bhp as well. A lowered chasis and sportier suspension are also new features.

Check out the video here:

It is believed that fuel economy in this model will improve about 20% even though the power is increased.  The car will be lighter and more dynamic, offering a better driving experience. New design features include a re-styled front bumper and extra cooling areas in the car’s front and twin exhausts.  Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres with 19 inch alloy wheels and larger brakes are rumoured to have been deployed. People observing the test in Germany and the USA have commented that the car looks aggressive and sounds very loud.  Sounds like this car isn’t for the faint hearted.

Ford Focus RS 2016 debuts

As the Focus RS can be built on the same production line as the standard car and will share an engine with the Mustang will allow Ford to improve its economies of scale so the RS can be sold in all of Ford’s major markets. Predecessors of the Focus RS were never able to penetrate a lot of markets and so these economies of scale will really help to improve the chances of the RS selling big globally. Prices start from £22,720.

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