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Spruce up your driveway this summer

Throughout the year driveways can easily attract oil stains, mud, weeds and soil through typical wear and tear. While it’s easy to get rid of mud and soil, stains such as oil and antifreeze can be significantly harder and if you have block paving the removal of moss and weeds can be quite labour intensive too.

There are various ways for cleaning your driveway, for example jet washing and compound cleaners can help get rid of those intense stains.

Here we’re going to look at some simple steps and tips for getting those tough stains out and your driveway spruced up for this summer.

Step 1

Get a broom and sweep the driveway clean from any dirt and debris. You can remove weeds and moss with a wire brush tool as pictured below, however there are some pretty good tools out there that can be less hardwork for getting those annoying deep rooted weeds out, such as weed burners. Weed burners (which are also pictured below) can be purchased online for around £39.99 and get to the root of the problem. They are used to burn the weeds out and when following the instructions won't harm the surrounding area.

Once the driveway has been swept clean and weeds removed we’re onto step 2.

wire brush and weed burner

Step 2

Jet wash your driveway with a power washer. The Karcher jet washers are great for cleaning driveways and patios around the home and can be bought online between £45 - £170 depending on which spec you opt for. On the off chance that your driveway is next to your front door, garage or porch make sure you cover the are with cardboard, or a type of canvas as protection to shield them from any dirt, stones or debris that could spray up. Also, make sure you check where the water channels are and move the jet spray towards these to avoid deep unwanted puddles.

jet wash your driveway

Step 3

To remove deep stains such as oil and antifreeze spillages, you can use the following:

  1. Washing Powder
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Oil degreaser from your local DIY store

It’s really important that you leave the chemical on the stain when it’s wet and for at least 15 minutes. If your using an oil degreaser check the instructions on the back of the container when diluting. For deeper stains you may want to repeat this step until the stain has completely been removed. Once you have left your de-greaser on the stain, you can use a hard brush and wire brush to sweep away the stain and then jet wash it to bring the original ground colour back again.

Removing deep stains off the driveway

Step 4

If you have block paving then make sure the driveway is completely dry and clean before applying sand to fill the gaps. The best sand for this is kiln sand, or a very fine sand. You’re local DIY store can help advise you on the best type they have in stock, however you don’t want to use a heavy coarse sand like builders sand or plastering sand as this won’t spread and sit nicely into the gaps. Once you tip the sand onto the driveway simply brush and spread this out so all the gaps are filled and the sand is removed from the face of the brick. You will also need to check the weather reports before doing this to make sure it doesn’t start tipping down with rain.

How to brush sand over driveway

Step 5

A lacquer can also be applied to the drive to help prevent from future weather, stain or weed damage. To apply the lacquer you can use a roller and roller tray. Check on the tin for any dulution instructions and start to evenly apply to the drive. It’s important when rollering out to make sure any gaps are filled and the application is even. Again, you will need to check the weather reports as the driveway will certainly need a good few hours to dry once it has been applied.

How to roller lacquer over a driveway

For more helpful information watch this video of the the cleaning process here.

Have you got anymore tips for others to clean their driveway? We would love to hear your comments below.