Tuesday 5th November 2013
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Many years ago, cars rarely failed their MoT test. Today, however, it is proving different and it is obviously an unwelcome surprise for many new car owners who have shelled out thousands of pounds. It is difficult to prove who is responsible; some cars could have been used for short runs and other cars for long runs. The general census is French cars are usually the most problematical and Japanese vehicles are more reliable.

To pass or fail an MoT test

Cars can fail their MoT test for many reasons; it can be for something as little as a wiper blade. However, and shockingly, some motorists just simply do not look after their new cars throughout the year. Some car owners fail to maintain their cars, and many turn up to the MoT station with their cars in pretty bad conditions.

Some folks believe that cars are not manufactured wrong, they believe cars become dire due to neglect. This could be a part true statement; however, the majority of new car owners are generally diligent. The common MoT test failures are due to excessive tyre wear, signal issues, brakes, registration plate, exhaust, seat belts, steering and lighting. Vehicles fitted with tow bars need to have all the electrics working to pass since 2011.

TIP: To avoid an MoT test failure it's really good practise to always service your car a few days prior to an MoT inspection.

Statistics prove that most French cars consistently fail an MoT test. These car manufacturers are Renault, Citroen, and Peugeot; they typically fail year after year, and more than any other car manufacturer. By contrast, the most likely cars to pass their MoT test first time are Honda, Lexus and Suzuki. These results are taken from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA).

The worst cars with a high failure rate

The three failing cars are the Renault Kangoo, Citroen Berlingo and Citroen C4. By contrast, the top non-failing MoT test cars are the Toyota IQ, Honda Jazz, Honda CR-V; Lexus IS, Toyota Yaris, Lexus RX, Audi Q5, Audi TT, Land Rover Freelander and Suzuki Splash.

All cars tested were three years old and varied in mileage. The lowest mileage recorded was 23,482, and the highest was 46,514; this made the average clocked up mileage 30,177. The theory that 'all cars are not made bad' appears to be untrue since the C4's mileage was 23,600. However, it proved to have one of the worst MoT test pass rates.

Here are the top MoT test losers with statistics:

Renault Kangoo with a pass rate of 73.75%
Citroen Berlingo with a pass rate of 67.84%
Citroen C4 with a pass rate of 67.86%
Peugeot 5008 with a pass rate of 68.17%
Fiat Doblo with a pass rate of 69.24%
Mazda 5 with a pass rate of 70.55
Nissan Navara with a pass rate of 70.59
Chevrolet Captiva with a pass rate of 73.53
Mitsubishi L200 with a pass rate of 73.53
Chevrolet Aveo with a pass rate of 73.75%

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