Tuesday 12th March 2013
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Everyone has their own ideas, prejudices and opinions of what are the most reliable cars out on the roads today. There have been plenty of studies and statistics over the recent years, particularly through Warranty Direct. The idea behind analysing the best cars is to prove which cars offer the most reduced breakdowns.

What are the most reliable cars

As a rule of thumb, French cars are known to be the most unpredictable. German cars can also have their off-moments; they are not as trustworthy as many motorists state. Japanese and Italian motors have constantly proven to be the most reliable cars. However, this is a general guide and there are invariably some exceptions. For example, it is possible to have two identical BMWs; one will be incredibly reliable, and the other may always be breaking down.

Studies and statistics can be very bias when trying to determine the most reliable cars. They are generally unreliable as there are always many issues that are not taken into account. For example:

• Did the owner look after his car?

• When was the car last serviced?

• Was it serviced and maintained regularly?

• When did the car last have an oil change and when were important parts replaced?

• Were broken parts replaced quickly, or did the owner wait until something else went wrong with car?

• Did the owner buy reliable quality parts when the car needed fixing?

• Did the mechanic do a shabby or professional job on the car?

• How experienced was the mechanic?

Top reliable cars listed for 2013

Should a reference be needed, here you can see a list of cars that are considered to be reliable cars.

Toyota Yaris is a dependable car and is Europe's best selling car. The following cars are also winners: Toyota Prius, Scion tC, Ford Fusion, Buick Lucerne, Lexus ES 350, Hyundai Genesis, Scion xB, Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Explorer, Lexus RX 350, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Tundra and much more.

Would you say your car has been reliable? Did you know that you can publish a review of your car onsite with us?

Here's how to leave a review in 3 simple steps:

1. Search in Google (https://www.google.co.uk/) replacing your make and
model with the following search phrase

'Review (Make Model) Breakeryard'

Here's an example of search phrases: 'Review Citroen Picasso Breakeryard' or
'Review Vauxhall Vectra Breakeryard'.

2. In the top 5 search results you will see our web page asking you to leave
review or tell us about the model of vehicle you have searched for.

3. Click on this page scroll to the bottom and fill in your comments for us
to publish online today!

We are really interested in what you have to say!!

If you have any questions or queries about how to leave a review, please
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