Wednesday 2nd January 2013
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When motorists have not driven for long periods of time then concentrating whilst driving could prove difficult. We all know the feeling when we’ve returned back from a 2 week holiday it can be a little nerving to get straight behind the wheel. Confidence and concentration are major factors to avoiding accidents. If you are an unconfident and nervous driver or have severe concentrating difficulties, it would be wise to enroll in a refreshers driving course to strengthen your safety skills.

Beginners guide to concentrating whilst driving

Before driving off prepare yourself, your car and condition your mind to driving safely. The usual preparations would be to ensure the mirrors are adjusted, and the windows are clean. Additionally, the seat belt is fastened, music or the radio is on the correct channel and is at the right volume, and seating is comfortable.

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Mundane driving can be converted into pleasurable driving. One of the biggest killers on the road is day dreaming. Our attention can be easily diverted from careful observation driving to our attention and focus being up on ourselves, impulses, fantasies, past or present and future problems.

The challenge to concentrating whilst driving is to keep focused on the road ahead and other drivers and to stop yourself fiddling and day dreaming. Motorists today have pre-conditioned their minds to seek many forms of multitasking.

Concentrating whilst driving involves the driver being constantly aware of his existence at the steering wheel. Reject everything in your mind that tries to take your attention off the road.

TIP: Think how can I be a safer driver?

Careful driving is all about keeping at the task in hand. This new focusing experience offers motorist's the opportunity to improve driving skills, attention and remaining as relaxed as possible.

Trying to think only about driving can be quite a mental discipline; it takes a lot of will power. Nevertheless, the benefits of staying alert and control of your own mind will create a whole new driving experience.