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The Toyota Camry has been re-designed for the 2015 model year to combat the high sales of the Hyundai Sonata. Both of these cars will be officially unveiled at the 2014 New York Auto Show which is open to the press from today. The show is open to the public from 18-27 April. Toyota is the worlds largest automobile manufacturing company and they are trying to extend the Camry's stay as number 1 top selling car in the US. The Camry has held this position for the past 12 years but they are under serious threat from the Hyundai Sonata which has been a very popular car since its introduction in the US in 2010. The latest version of the Camry was introduced in 2011 and making changes this early in the models life is unusual for Toyota. They are looking to build on the value and durability that the Camry is known for, as Akoi Toyoda the CEO of Toyota looks to make styling and performance the high priorities across the Toyota line-up. This is what Toyota had to say about the changes to the Camry model: “will challenge conventional expectations of a mid-cycle model change.” Some people are saying that the new Toyota Camry styling has been highly influenced by the current Hyundai Sonata styling. The new Hyundai will show off its new styling this week at the New York Auto Show, but will this be able to put it ahead of the new Camry? Which vehicle do you prefer out of the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata. Share your views in our comments box below. Have a look at the 2015 Toyota Camry video below:

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