Monday 31st March 2014
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This week Toyota have launched the Toyota i-Road for public trials in Tokyo.

The trials will take place from 24th March until early June and will be tested over this time period by 20 different drivers. The drivers include industry experts all the way down to members of the public.

The i-Road was officially unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and is an electric three wheeled 'personal mobility vehicle'. This one seated vehicle is capable of reaching speeds of 28mph and can last up to 30 miles on its battery. It takes three hours to recharge the battery.

The Toyota i-Road was designed by Akihiro Yanaka and he says that it combines: “the manoeuvrability of a motorbike, with the economy and stability of a small family car.”

This strange little vehicle has two front wheels and one rear wheel and leans into corners as you turn the tiny little steering wheel, which is controlled from the rear. This leaning action is inspired by how someone turns on a set of skis according to creator Yanaka. It would be classified as a scooter in the UK.

Toyota hope to gain some valuable feedback as to what the vehicle is like to drive in a real life urban situation. They hope that these tests will produce some positive feedback and who knows, we still might see these vehicles released onto the roads of the UK in the not to distant future.

What do you think of the i-Road and would you drive one? Let us know in our comments box below.

Have a look at the video below for a look at an i-Road being tested:

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