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Those buying Toyota car parts can do so safe in the knowledge that they are among the most sustainably produced car components on the market.

Toyota has been named Green Manufacturer of the Year in this year's Fleet News Awards, in recognition of both the low CO2 output of its cars, as well as its eco-friendly manufacturing process.

The award's judges praised Toyota for its "single-minded focus" on hybrid vehicles, offering "outstanding" levels of efficiency and low emissions.

They also highlighted the Japanese car maker's efforts in reducing the environmental impact of its factories and manufacturing process, including making use of solar panels and maximising recycling.

This year, Toyota will release the latest version of its Prius hybrid vehicle, in the form of the Prius+, Europe's first seven-seat full hybrid MPV.
Meanwhile, Toyota's Land Cruiser was named Best All-Round 4×4 at the Fleet News Awards, presented at a ceremony in London held last week.