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As far as concept vehicles go, there are some which are so wacky that they will never make it into production and there are those which you know will not be too far away from production. The new Toyota Urban Utility concept is one of those which could go either way, but is leaning more towards the unlikely. This vehicle is aimed at the younger city drivers with its customisable design which also includes several other features which appeal to the younger driver. This concept vehicle was unveiled at a private event by Make Magazine in San Francisco, California and was designed at the Toyota Calty Design Research facility in California. Toyota are saying this vehicle is the size of a compact vehicle (Small family car in the UK), has the space of a compact van and the functionality of compact truck. It is more like a crossover SUV in reality. There are several features included in this concept vehicle which we would love to see come into production in other Toyota models in the future. These features include: a removable front passenger seat, a retractable roll back roof which means the vehicle can transport larger items, an ipad for a centre console and a utility rail system which can accommodate attaching such things as a bicycle, groceries or surfboard. It certainly is an interesting vehicle which is both very practical and very customizable. What do you think of the new Urban Utility Concept? Although it is unlikely that it will make it into production, do you think you would be interested in owning one if they did make it into production? Share your views in our comments box below. Check out the video below for a look at the new Toyota Urban Utility Concept vehicle:

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