Saturday 20th October 2012
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Car wrapping evolved approximately three decades ago; it is still a fairly new concept, and many people are still unaware of the benefits. Car owners can have their car wrapped in full or in part just like lorries, buses and taxis. There are many companies that will pay you to advertise their business. The normal minimum requirements are that you drive more than 600 miles per month.

The motives behind the car wrapping concept

Surprisingly, it's not just advertising reasons why people get their cars wrapped. Here are some other  reasons why motorists become involved in car wrapping:

• Car wrapping can change the whole colour of a motor or just in part.
• Offers protection to original paint work such as chippings, scratches etc.
• Owners may want to add a splash of colour or artistic decoration.
• Advertise businesses to make a small profit to offset some of their car or home bills.
• Reduces car theft, thieves don’t like wrapped cars - this is a good point!

One important factor to bear in mind is the longevity of the wrap. As wrapping is basically large stickers that take up a portion of the car they could over time begin to peel back. It is recommended that you hand wash wrap vehicles only as jet washes and brush washes can cause the stickers to start to peel. Also, when the car has just been wrapped it's advisable to leave the vehicle for 3 weeks to allow the sticker adhesive to completely dry.

Car Wrap Costs

The rates can vary depending upon where you go to have your car wrapped, but it is possible to pay in excess of £1000, if you're happy to have your car totally covered. Furthermore, if your car is small such as owning a mini, it is likely you will earn a lot less, probably in the region of £200. You can have the option of a half wrap. This normally costs around £850. Regarding the design costs they are normally included but you may need to pay a small non-refundable deposit first in order to agree the design. Please check with your provider first.

As mentioned above, some car wrapping companies expect you to drive a certain amount of miles per month. These businesses are Money4Space and Get About Media. Comm-motion does not require motorists to drive a certain amount of miles per week or month. Before signing up check to see if these companies impose any rules such as:

• A clean driving license
• Up to date MOT.
• Your car has a road tax.
• Valid insurance.
• No convictions.
• You must be the primary owner of the car.
• You must be over 17 years old.

In addition, motorists will be expected to drive sensibly as advertising companies are looking for credibility. Motorists will be responsible for declaring all profit to the tax man.

I guess one of the classic objections to not having your car wrapped for advertising another companies purposes would be the embarrassment factor. Would you have for example the yellow Wrigley's chewing gum colours and logo splashed up the side of your car sitting on your front drive?

Would there be some companies you wouldn't mind advertising and others you would be completely opposed to?

Please leave in the comments below companies that you would be happy to advertise and the minimum amount you would accept to be paid, also any other experiences you may have with car wrapping?