Wednesday 22nd April 2015
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Here are some unconventional car care tips that we've gathered from the team, the internet, social media and Dave down the road. We don’t vouch for any of them. 

1. Mix a small amount of hair conditioner with soap water to make the car shine and repel water as it dries.

2. Use cola to clean windscreens 

3. Use cola to clean corrosion off battery posts. Some people say you can also use baking and soda to do this.

4. Some dirty, unpaved roads are coated in oil to reduce the amount of dust or dirt in the air.  Driving regularly on these roads can leave a film of oil and dirt on windows and windscreens.   Sprinkle a very small bit of cream of tartar on the windscreen, wipe down with soap water, rinse and dry.  Your windscreen will not longer  be oily and will smell interesting!

5. Club soda or WD-40 will get rid of stains and marks on upholstery or mats in a car.

6. Use window cleaner and an old pairs of tights to polish headlights.

7. To remove bugs and insects from car windows spray WD-40 onto the car to remove stuck bugs.

8. To clean out the interior – park your car sideways to the windy on a really blowy day, open all the doors and beat the seats hard (like you would a carpet) to get the dust and dirt to lift and blow out.

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