Wednesday 14th January 2015
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There are loads of really useful and money saving driving apps out there.

Here is the Breakeryard guide to the best driving apps out there:

Save on petrol

Petrol Prices

Cost: £2.99

Phones: iPhone and Android

Checks out petrol prices at locations nearest to you to find the cheapest.


Cost: Free

Phones: iPhones and Android

Whatgas uses a crowdsourced user updated database of petrol prices around the UK and parts of Europe.  The downside of this app could be that you are in an area where there are few users regularly updating prices and so there is less up to date information available.

Fuel Economy Calculator

Cost:  £0.69

Phones: iPad and iPhone

This clever little app will let you monitor and improve your car’s fuel efficiency to reduce fuel costs.  It tracks multiple vehicles and allows you to store recommended tyre pressures and oil types for each vehicle as well.

Petrol Prices Pro

Cost: £2.99

Phones: iPhone and Android

Enter your postcode to find out the prices on unleaded and diesel in your location.  The app has information on 11,000 petrol stations and will also warn you about prices nearby that are average or more costly.

Buying a car


Cost: Free but costs for each request

Phones: iPhone

Mycarcheck is really useful when buying a secondhand car and could help you save a lot of money in the long run.  The app allows you to check a car’s history and check if it was stolen, an insurance write off or was registered as scrapped.  Pay another £2.99 and check records from the DVLA, garages and dealers to discover if the vehicle has been ‘clocked’. Another £1.79 and you can receive a valuation check and learn about the private sale, trade in, auction and forecourt prices for the car. Admittedly, the costs rise but the amount of information you will get is huge and could save you from making a very expensive mistake!

Parker’s Price Checker

Cost: £2.99

Phones: iPhone

Parkers operate a well respected website that lists useful motoring advice, reviews and price guides on new and used cars.  This app will give you up to date information on used car prices for over 30,00 cars with full Parker car valuations, whether buying from a dealer or private seller.  Add mileage and age of the car without incurring extra costs.

Auto Trader Mobile

Cost: Free

Phones: iPhone and Android

Auto Trader’s own app will let you browse a whole range of new and used cars.  It includes reviews and images and also allows you to see your own car’s value.  The app lets you add reminders about tax and MOT renewal dates.

Save on insurance car insurance app

Cost: Free

Phones: iPhone, iPad, Android claim this is the first free App for UK consumers that enables users to find and compare car insurance quotes on their smartphones.  The app will allow you to see quotes from hundreds of car insurance companies and you can purchase your insurance straight from your phone.  It also includes a function so you can call one of the companies there and then if you need to.  This is really useful when looking at a new car so you can decide quickly if the car will have affordable insurance payments.


Nosey Parker

Cost: £1.99

Phones: iPhone

This app is especially useful for city dwellers where parking is pretty scarce. Nosey Parker will tell you where you can find free parking spaces. Just use this once to get your money back.

AA Parking

Cost: £1.99 or £1.50 for Nokia

Phones: iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows Phone

The app tells you where you can find nearby available parking spaces and allows you to compare the costs of local car parks.

Find Free Parking

Cost: £1.79

Phones: iPhone and Android

Decide where you want to park and the app will give you directions and a route map including the parking restrictions in that location.


Cost: £2.99

Phones: iPhone and iPad

This app gives information about parking but only covers major cities like London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester. However, it also gives car parking information about most of the major airports in the UK.

Use your smartphone to help with your driving

Be a better driver

The Official Highway Code

Cost and Phones:  £1.49 for iPhone and £0.69 for Android.

No internet access needed and no excuses for not knowing your Highway Code.  Ideal for learner drivers or those wanting to improve their knowledge.


Cost and Phones: Available to iPhone users only and free except for add ons.

DriveGain will tell you how efficiently you drive and where you can improve to cut costs.  A scoring out of 100 will indicate how efficient you drive and give you a reading on your fuel economy.

Useful in car accidents

Mpengo GloveBox

Cost: £0.69

Phones: iPhone

This app allows you to store important information on your phone that you might need to exchange with a third party.  As well as retaining data on your car you can also add medical or passport information.

MoreThan Car Claim

Cost: Free

Phones: iPhone

From MoreThan insurance company this app is a really useful tool if an accident happens.  It gives guidance on safety precautions at the roadside, prompts on important information that needs to be captured from third parties including eyewitnesses and other accident information.  The app even includes a function to take photos, upload the current location via GPS and this plus the captured information can be emailed to an address of your choice.

Useful driving aids

TomTom app

Cost and Phones: £27.49 for iPhone and £24.99 for Android.

Admittedly more expensive than many other apps but it will give you route plans that you can get from a SatNav device at a snip of the price of a SatNav. It works online and offline and gives continuous access to the same maps and navigation system as a regular SatNav.

UK Roads – traffic news and cameras

Cost: £0.69

Phones: iPhone and Android

The app provides information about roadworks and traffic incidents in the UK.  Coding indicates the severity of delays and you can view information in map or list views along with live camera images.  For such a minor cost it could be a significant investment to avoid traffic jams.

Other useful car apps

Find My Car

Cost: free

Phones: iPhone and Android

Sometimes you’ve got no choice but to park in a very busy and large car park and it can be very hard to find your vehicle again if there aren’t any clear markers around.  This app uses GPS location services to help locate your car. After you park open the application and save your car’s position on the map.  On the way back to the car open the app and it will show you where you parked the car.

My Cars

Cost: £0.69

Phones: iPhone

If you have a fleet of vehicles for your business needs and even several motorbikes, caravans and boats this app will let you store renewal dates for insurance, MOT, tax and other dates for these vehicles.  It could help you avoid expensive fines for late renewal of tax on multiple vehicles.

Check out the App Store to find these and other apps.  Lots of the breakdown services also have apps so check out their websites. Our advice is to get 'appy.