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The Vauxhall Corsa was the subject of more manufacturer recalls than any other model in the UK this year, it has been revealed.

Vauxhall spare parts were installed in more than 405,000 Corsas by the manufacturer this year after a fault was found with the brake pedal bearing, according to figures from Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and reported by Auto Express. It was revealed that the brake pedal bearing can fail during extreme braking. The Corsas DS affected were built between 01/09/2006 and 15/03/201. If you have a Corsa built between that period, please contact your dealer as soon as possible.

Vauxhall Corsa faults

In total, 2011 saw 179 vehicle recalls, affecting more than 900,000 car owners.

Steve Fowler, Auto Express editor-in-chief, commented: "The Corsa is one of the biggest selling cars in the UK, which accounts for the large number involved in this recall.

"It's never good news for any car maker to have to recall its cars- customers quite rightly see it as a reflection on a car's qualitystandards."

Honda saw the second highest number of recalls after needing to replace parts on 136,000 Jazzes as the dipped beam lights could fail, while Citroen came in third place with 60,237 cars recalled.