Wednesday 14th January 2015
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Vegetable oil as car fuel is not an uncommon idea. Plenty of cars with older diesel engines can run on vegetable oil which can be mixed with ordinary diesel, or the engines themselves can be modified to enable the car to run solely on the vegetable oils. If an engine runs on vegetable oil using one of these methods its known as straight vegetable oil (SVO) or pure plant oil (PPO).

Dr Rudolf Diesel invented and modified diesel engines, he experimented with alternative fuel sources that could power diesel engines. For instance, Dr Diesel had designed a diesel engine that could use vegetable oil to run, as it was a fuel source that was readily available for farmers, as opposed to coal which was traditionally used for engines. In 1912 Dr Diesel said "The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in the course of time as important as petroleum products of the present time."  Though vegetable oil hasn't overtaken petrol or diesel as the main methods of car fuel SVO is being used in this way in Europe including Germany.

Should we use vegetable oil as car fuel?

Cars with engines that can use SVO or PPO are much cheaper to run and it has been reported that they increase the power of a car's performance at certain speeds. But there are more pressing reasons as to why people should use vegetable oil besides the performance the economical and performance factors and that is because vegetable oil has reduced Co2 emissions. So if any of you worry about the amount of Co2 that is pumped into the atmosphere every time you fire up your engine then this type of fuel is the solution to your problems. It is said that it is very likely when everyone gets really old that the planet will get a lot warmer. Everyone could wait for the motor industry to produce a hydrogen or electric car that's really cost effective and works well, but running a diesel car on vegetable oil is an effortlessly achievable reality for anyone who wants eco-friendly motoring now.

Vegetable oil smart car. Would you drive a diesel modified car that uses vegetable oil as car fuel?

Vegetable oils retail for around 55p a litre - more than half the price of standard diesel! In 2007 the Treasury eased the rules on the taxation of home-made and shop bought oil.  Drivers were no longer required to pay the HM Revenue & Customs fuel duty on 2,500 litres a year for personal use. Any individuals who do purchase vegetable oil for personal use must ensure that all receipts are kept together so they can prove they are not spending more than 2,500 litres a year if they're stopped for a roadside check. If you would like to purchase vegetable oil for your car then go to:  There are so many pros to using SVO or PPO, however, many people find that there's a odour that comes out of the exhaust, which smells a lot like fish and chips! Would you want to run your car on vegetable oil?

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