Monday 12th May 2014
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The iconic Volkswagen Camper is set for a return but in a different skin. The newly proposed Camper will be part of the ever growing Beetle range. Unfortunately the new Beetle is not set for release until 2019, and this is when the new Camper is set to be released. There is also a new Beetle based SUV and sports car expected in the new Beetle range. The VW Beetle has become such a popular car that it looks set to establish a range of its own, much like the Fiat 500 now has its own range. This new range of vehicles is set to be built on the new Volkswagen MQB platform and there has been reports that the new exterior design will be 1960's based but the mechanics of the vehicle range will be completely up to date. Included in the latest technology will be the new 1.0L three-cylinder engines and the option of the VW 4motion four wheel drive system. Alongside the 1.0L petrol engines there is expected to be a range of other petrol, hybrid and diesel engines available. The current Beetle range offers Hatchback and Cabriolet versions but VW are looking to include a more sporty car which will most likely be based on the e-Bugster concept car. They will also look to make an entry into the ever increasing SUV market and build something along the lines of the Beetle Dune which was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January this year. Watch the video below of the Beetle Dune at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show: What do you think of the return of the Volkswagen Camper? Share your thoughts in our comments box below.

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