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The Volkswagen Golf MK7 for 2013 will receive a facelift and a brand-new platform. Volkswagen has launched a new MQB which stands for Modular Transverse Matrix; this platform was introduced on the Audi A3 last year 2012.

The Volkswagen Golf has been a massive seller since its initial début, it is the ultimate family car and is quite often a first choice car. Its chic style externally and internally, in addition it's seriously nippy and is loaded with great technology, this is what drives people to want this model.

Volkswagen Golf MK7 Features

The 2013 new Golf is set to become ever better. VW will offer a selection of body-styles, which will be a three-door hatchback and five-door hatch, a wagon and a Cabrio. Engines available will be petrol and diesel. Their ranges will be from 55kW for the 1L three cylinders to a 165kW 1.8L four cylinders for the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The choices are varied and not limited to these two types.

The Modular Transverse Matrix offers Volkswagen to cut their time in manufacturing the Golf MK7 by 30%; this can only be a good thing. The body of the car and its chassis are made of a hybrid steel and aluminum. It’s joined up using a novel riveting procedure using an extraordinary finish to thwart off electrolytic oxidation. The Volkswagen Golf MK7 and any other car that carries the MQB platform will be 40% lighter in weight; in addition, various other major parts are set to be lighter also. The body shell will not affect the engine choices or the exhaust, these mounting will stay the same. However, all the parts under the bonnet will be more compact than its predecessors; subsequently, the MK7’s are fitted with cooling circuits, the engine itself has two dedicated cooling loops. On is fitted at the top and one at the bottom, this extracts better efficiency.