Tuesday 15th April 2014
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The VW Kombi has been an iconic vehicle worldwide for sometime now. The Kombi began production in 1950 in Wolfsburg, Germany and no one thought that this cute looking small van would become such a huge hit.

The Kombi can also be known as the VW Type 2 or Campervan and was in production for a total of 63 years. The last Kombi rolled off the production lines back in December 2013 at the VW production plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since then there have been many fond memories for people when thinking about this loveable vehicle which has spanned across the decades. Volkswagen have created a send off video for the Kombi vehicle, which VW have produced over 1.5 million vehicles during its lifetime.

This is a friendly little video which took 6 months to make and it shows the Kombi over the years and its relationship to many different owners around the world.

To celebrate the Kombi, there were 1200 special collectors edition models produced which have two tone paint job, special trimmed seats and white wheels and hub caps. The Kombi came to its end as Brazil brought in new safety laws which meant it had to cease production.

Have you ever owned a VW Kombi? If so which version did you own and did you love this vehicle? Please share your experience with us by leaving your comments in our comments box below.

Watch the official Volkswagen Kombi last wishes video below:

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