Monday 17th February 2014
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Volkswagen have now officially launched the Volkswagen e-Golf. This is the battery-electric version of the very popular Volkswagen Golf. The Golf is the most successful European car ever and the e-Golf has been released in Germany with immediate effect.

The e-Golf was seen at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January and this is the second electric car that Volkswagen has brought into full production in the past 6 months. The Volkswagen e-Up was the first. The e-Up uses 11.7 kwh/100km compared to the 12.7 kwh/100km of the e-Golf. This shows that the e-Up is the most economical, and this is due to the fact that the e-Golf is that bit heavier. If you compare this with the Nissan Leaf, which uses 15 kwh/100km, it shows you how well designed the Volkswagen battery is. This battery is produced in-house by Volkswagen, the same as the electric motor.

The electric motor which powers this car offers 85 kw / 115 PS. The e-Golf has a high performance 12,000rpm motor and a single speed EQ270 transmission which has an integrated differential and an electro-mechanical handbrake. The e-Golf is capable of reaching 0-60km in 4.2 seconds and 0-100km in 10.4 seconds.

The e-Golf has a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery which weighs 318 kg. When put into perspective, the vehicle weighs in at 1,402 kg in total. This shows you how heavy the battery actually is.

This car is available for 34,900 Euros (roughly £28,630) and has an 8 year or 160,000km (roughly 100,000 mile) battery warranty.

Have a look at the 2014 e-Golf on the road video below:

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