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The prestigious car maker VW announced 2.6 million Volkswagen recalls. The global recall, including China has come as a shock to many motorists. China offers the largest car market globally; this recall for them could be detrimental. VW has high goals set in place; they want to become the most prominent and greatest company throughout the world. However, the Volkswagen recalls could set back their ambitions considerably.

Volkswagen recalls is now televised

It has been broadcast that the Volkswagen recalls included lighting problems, leaking fuel lines, faulty fuses, wrong engine oil and more. Although, these are fairly minor issues, it does not help VW, or make the company appear good. Nonetheless, the prestigious company is being conscientious towards their customers.

The Volkswagen recalls affect all models, but particularly the Tiguan. There have been 800,000 Tiguan recalls compared to 30,000 of their other models. The 2.6 million Volkswagen recalls sounds dreadful; however, its magnitude is somewhat diminished compared to Toyota's 10 million recalls during 2009/10.

The Tiguan recalls are specifically for faulty fuses. Volkswagen has recalled the Amarok pick-up trucks for leaking engine fuel lines. Other models are said to have synthetic oil in their gearboxes. Making these necessary changes, or replacements are relatively easy to fix.

Volkswagen recalls not only extends to China, but also Asia and other places globally, especially hot humid countries. It is said that the humidity can make the VW cars vulnerable to electrical faults.

Recalls are not necessarily a bad omen and should not give any car manufacturer a bad reputation. Regardless of how many cars recalled, it is how the company responds to the issue that really matters. Volkswagen has responded decently, and they have acted in defense for the safety of their customers.

To have your car checked, go to your local VW dealership. Volkswagen recalls are free, and any changes to your car are usually done promptly.