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Volkswagen's new turbocharged diesel engine has just been launched  - the advanced 268bhp version of its turbocharge 2 litre four cylinder diesel engine. The new engine is being hailed as flexible and very fuel efficient.   Presumably Volkswagen are striving to meet the CO2 emission targets that will come into play as part of tough new EU regulations in 2020.  Volkswagen claim that the new engine can deliver a 14% improvement in power and economy over the most powerful current Volkswagen diesel engine, the 237 bhp which features in the most recent version of the Volkswagen Passat.    The new engine is a development of the current EA288 unit and is pretty impressive.

Volkswagen's new turbocharged engine

Some of the key developments in Volkswagen's new turbo charged diesel engine incorporate a two-stage electrically operated turbocharger, a newly engineered variable valve timing system and a piezo valve common rail injection system that can work at pressures up to 2500bar.  This more powerful engine can also produce 10bhp more than the recent VW Toureg Facelift which has  a 3.0 l V6 diesel engine.

The new engine is set to appear in the forthcoming production version of the CrossBlue SUV Concept. However, Volkswagen have yet to give out any details on the maximum torque for the new diesel which will feature in the upper range models.

Dual shift gearbox

Volkswagen have also revealed some information on the upcoming 10 speed dual shift gearbox codenamed DQ511 which will be produced in 2016.  It will be able to handle torque loadings of up to 405 lb-ft so it could be bolted onto the four cylinder diesel engine.  The new gearbox is expected to contribute to further improving fuel economy and reducing emissions throughout the Volkswagen range.  For instance, it has a coasting facility that enables the engine to be switched off during periods of trailing throttle and automatically starts it to help with fuel savings.  For more information on Volkwagen engines visit: