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Volvo has introduced the world’s initial plug-in diesel hybrid-electric car. This car will be available to buy in the UK at the end of 2012. People could observe the new Volvo V60 for the first time at the Goodwood Festival in the beginning of July this year. This car was awarded the Green Car of the year and was confirmed as a small family vehicle with flexibility.

Volvo V20 has it all

The new publicized Volvo has it all, Volvo claims that no other manufacturer has this type of car. The V60 is a three in one, at the push of a button; the driver can flip between Pure mode to Hybrid or Power. The V60 is powered by 2.4L turbo, has five cylinders and produces emissions of 49g/km. With this new Volvo, you're buying very high standard, environmentally friendly and non-compromising fashionable car.

The Pure Mode offers electric driving only; with a fully charged battery, this machine is capable of 32 miles with zero emissions. This Mode is a very handy feature; you don’t always have to use it but could opt for it when in a zero or low emission area. The Hybrid Mode is electric and diesel, which is fabulous if you want to venture on long journeys, it’s capable of 621 miles. The Power Mode is as the name suggests, it produces power in diesel and offers optimal performance and yet still has enhanced emission savings. In this Mode, the V60 outputs 215bhp in diesel with 440Nm of torque and 70bhp in electric with 200Nm and contributes 62mph in 6.2 seconds.

The new price tag for the Volvo V60 is confirmed to be approximately £48,500; optional extras will be available. The UK government has introduced an electric vehicle plug in car scheme. It is a grant worth £ 5000; this will bring the cost of your new car down even further.