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Volvos have always been known for their high attention to detail and excellent safety credentials, but new Volvo car parts on the manufacturer's recently unveiled V40 look set to make the vehicle the company's safest yet.

In particular, the new V40 features a world-first for production cars in the form of a pedestrian air bag.

Unveiled and demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the innovative safety feature sees an airbag inflate to protect a pedestrian's head from hitting the car's windshield and bonnet in the event of a collision.

An array of sensors on the front bumper of the V40 detect when a collision has taken place.

The section of the rear of the bonnet is lifted up as the airbag inflates to cover the entire area under the raised bonnet as well as around a third of the windscreen.

Speaking to the MailOnline, a spokesperson for Volvo commented: "Safety is one of our core values at Volvo and has been further enhanced in the new V40 with the addition of this world-first pedestrian airbag and new active safety technology."

The new V40 also comes with a number of other features designed to make the car as safe as possible.

An example is the car's pedestrian detection system, something usually only seen on more expensive vehicles, which uses a radar in the grill and a camera mounted in front of the rear-view mirror to detect if a pedestrian steps out into the road in front of the car.

The system will then warn the driver and automatically activate the brakes if they fail to take action.

It also comes with a lane-keeping aid, which warns drivers if they drift out of their lane, and a system which detects and alerts the driver when there is another vehicle in their blind spot.