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Volkswagen car parts designed by members of the Chinese general public have been brought to life in three new concepts built by the manufacturer.

The People's Car Project (PCP) was launched by VW in China 11 months ago and gave members of the public the chance to submit their own ideas and designs for cars and vehicle technologies via an online platform.

In all, some 119,000 ideas were submitted from 33 million visitors to the website.

Now, Volkswagen has taken some of the best ideas and transformed them into actual vehicles and components, three of which were displayed at the Auto China motor show in Beijing this month.

Among the new concepts is the Hover Car, a two-seater city car which hovers just above the ground and, in the future, could provide environmentally friendly travel by travelling along electromagnetic road networks.

Meanwhile, the Music Car is designed to become a fashion statement and means of self-expression for trendy motorists.

It features an exterior covered by light emitting diodes which changes colour depending on the driver's choice of music.

Finally, there is the Smart Key - which has been designed to accommodate the demand by the modern motorist for a greater integration between their cars and the internet.

The ultra-compact key has a high-resolution touchscreen which, via a 3G connection, informs the driver of important information, such as how much fuel they have left, climate conditions and the car's security.

A satellite feed beamed to the Smart Key also allows the driver to access a bird's eye view of their car in real time.

According to head of design at Volkswagen Group China, the People's Car Project has given the manufacturer a vital insight into the wishes of Chinese motorists.

"The trend is towards safe cars that can easily navigate overcrowded roads and have a personal, emotional and exciting design," he said.