Wednesday 23rd April 2014
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Copycat motoring websites are on the rise, but it's not just associated with motors. Unfortunately, copying websites is prevalent in all marketing sectors. The term copycat originated thousands of years ago; it is a term used to duplicate another's work, or closely mimic someone. It is believed its expression began by learning how kitten's copycat their mother's behaviour. Hence, the reason for 'cat' in the phrase.

Here are some copycat motoring website examples:,, and Since motorists can now connect their driving licence to their passports, you might want to be weary of sites such as and other passport service websites that may try and charge for information that maybe found elsewhere cheaper or free.

There are also some hidden counterfeit websites producing fake MoT certificates. Furthermore, some sites are charging for MoT tests online, and motorists are not receiving their test dates once paid, so please beware.

Some of these unkosher website's charge as much as £40.00 to over £100 for checking applications and documents. This would make your ultimate payment cost over double the original price. This fee is extortionate considering a checking service is free of charge on the government official website. There is no need for anyone to venture into these types of copycat motoring websites. All motoring and passport applications and renewals can be done at for free.

Unofficial copycat motoring websites

As mentioned above there is a handful of copycat motoring websites that we all ought to be cautious about. These sites are not illegal as yet, but they are misleading and many motorists have been ripped off. Consumers are paying out large sums of money unnecessarily. These companies charge extortionate rates for testing and checking.

However, it is not just motoring that is affected, over recent years there have been other copycat websites promoting themselves on the Internet. The types of proliferate websites to look out for are in the health sector and self-assessment tax returns where people are being ripped off by hundreds and thousands of pounds.

These copycat motoring websites look legitimate; they look like the official and some offer an amazing service. However, they are not providing anything different compared to These sites are stealing people's money. They will make you believe their service is better than anyone else's and will use terms such as free. However, their services are 'NOT' better, and they are not free and often you will not receive your product.

The Government are actively working on official websites to be at the top of all search engines. Driving instructors are also being encouraged to inform all learner drivers about fake and legitimate websites. Awareness is being alerted to Advertising Standards Authority, DVLA, the National Trading Standards Board, Which, search engines and other organisations to take action against copycat motoring websites immediately. However, the Office of Fair Trading consider copycat motoring websites, and their services are not acting unlawfully.