Thursday 3rd April 2014
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When we think of French cars, our thoughts generally assume the worst. Their reputation is commonly known for being unreliable (especially regarding the electrics) and in the past they were largely considered middle class. Furthermore, French cars such as Peugeot, Citroen and Renault have been the worst offenders for MoT failures to date. While Citroen and Renault have had their fair share of debates regarding their build quality, Peugeot now appears to be standing in a class of its own.

The French cars debate

Renault is the worst performer and has had the most reliability issues, especially on open roads such as motorways. Other than being unreliable, the French have been well known for manufacturing weird and dull looking cars. Perhaps their weirdness still remains today, but let's face it the French do love to be different. That be said there are some remarkable and stunning looking Peugeot's cars such as the RCZ and SR1.

Putting aside their unreliability, weirdness, middle class and dullness some French cars have plenty to offer. Believe it or not there are some timeless masterpieces from ancient of days that are still running today. Even some of the newer French cars are in big demand due to offering great design and price.

Whether we love them or hate them here is a list to encourage your debates:

The Renault 5 first showed up in 1970, it was a timeless classic super mini which had some outstanding features for its time. It was famous for its plastic bumper, cut out door handles, huge hatchback and ease of drive. Furthermore, its shape was trendy in its era, so was considered a cutie among the French cars.

Citroen DS was a revolutionary car, its production began in 1955 and finished in 1975. Even though the DS was French, its designer was the well known Italian Flaminio Bertoni. The DS was advanced for its years, it was well-known for its innovative technology and futuristic shape. For its time, it had a lot of strengths that were hard to beat such as the braking systems, easy of driving and steering.

Citroen 2CV has an opinion of its own, it was clearly a budget car that offered uncompromising economy. Its production began in 1948 to 1990 and it was loved by many, but clearly not for its design or engineering! The 2CV was built to last, it had a lot of strength, weighed very little, had great utilitarian looks and was economical. It was a versatile four seater car and was particularly aimed at the avid farmer for its off-road use.

Bugatti Type 32 was a strange-looking car, it was widely known as the Tank de Tours. This 1927 pre-war race car will not be forgotten among car lovers of today. It oozed magnificence for its era and had uncompromising engineering.

There have been many weird and wonderful French cars since the first car was created. Love them or hate them, most French cars have been very successful in their own right.

What's your experience of french cars? Please give us your views below...