Thursday 8th January 2015
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That's one question we often get asked at Breakeryard - what are the best new cars for 2015?  There are loads of new cars coming onto the market in the New Year.  Some of them you could cost you multiple arms and legs and some are much more affordable.   Here is our pick of  2015, this is a real mix of the practical, stylish, reliable, luxurious and just plain funky.

Peugeot 208

A smart looking hatchback with a larger boot and more legroom than the 207 this car is more practical. If your budget is set to £10,000 or under then you can only choose the Access trim level but you will get an economical 1.0 litre VTi engine capable of 65.6 mpg.

Fiat 500X

The latest edition to the 500 city car range but with some differences. The 500X is 710 mm longer, 170 mm wider and 120 mm taller than its counterpart. A new speed auto gearbox and availability of two and four wheel drive models  and petrol and diesel make this a smart choice.  This model is due out in Springtime and will cost £14,000.

Fiat Doblo

This is the fourth generation of the Doblo and is immensely practical even if it does look like a mini van.  There are many new features on this version including front wings, headlamps, rear lights, paint job and grille as well as a restyled front end.  Fiat claim that this makes the Doblo more 'car like'.

Noise has been reduced in the vehicle, gear changes are more precise and the throttle pedal is more responsive but we have yet to hear about its fuel efficiency. You can have 5 or 7 seats in three trims and can choose between roof heights and engine and transmission options.  This model is hugely spacious and the five door version will give  you 790 litres in the boot or 3,200 litres with the rear seats down.  Safety is key and you will get Hill Holder, ABS, ASR and front airbags with no extra cost.  There are several versions in the Doblo range starting from the Pop at £13,480, the Easy at £14,650 and the top spec version comes in at £18,780.   What it lacks in style the Doblo makes up for in functionality.

Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki  Vitara

Wow, what a beauty, the Vitara's bright colours and two tone roof combinations and urban design will appeal to everyone with aesthetic leanings.  It featured in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 and many of the design elements such as the bold front grille have been retained.  The vehicle is a five door crossover and features an optional ‘ALLGRIP’ four-wheel drive, with an automatic mode that kicks in when slip is detected.  At a price of £12,500 the Vitara sounds like a good option.

Aston Martin Lagonda

OK, this one is only for you if you win the Lotto, at a mind blowing £400,000 it isn't for the fainthearted.  Based on the 1976 this luxury saloon car is chock full of modern technology, for instance, LED lights and carbon fibre bodywork.  However it will only be sold in the Middle East and is limited to just 100 cars in the range.  Nonetheless it is a great advertisement for British car building as it is being hand built at Aston Martin's factory in Warks.

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

This one really stands out and will really appeal to those who like their cars to be futuristic or a little different.  It looks like a Smart car  has mated with a robot, but looks aren't everything.  The Twizy is ideal for those who just need a really small run around as it only has two seats.  Better still it is one of the cheapest cars to buy at £6,795 and is cheap to run.  With a zero emissions electric motor, a heated windscreen, lockable glove box and optional extras such as automatic headlights  the Twizy is a clever urban car. But it has a limited driving range and needs windows!  Batteries need to be leased for £45 per month as it doesn't come with a battery but Renault say they will maintain the unit and replace it if performance falls below 75%.

Vauxhall Astra

Sneek peeks at the new version indicate that the current model has a lower and wider look revealing a more radical shift in styling for the Astra.  The Corsa's new 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol turbo is expected to be fitted.  A range of more efficient petrol (1.6 l) and duesel engines are said to be under the bonnet.  Due out in mid 2015 the new Astra will set you back £13,000.  Three door and estate versions are believed to be following later.

Ford Fiesta

The old classic continues to roll off the production line and has frequently been voted the UK's best selling car.   Modern technology has been adopted to bring the Fiesta in line with contemporary living through the use of heated door mirrors, USB equipped radio/CD player and hill start assist to prevent rolling backwards.  The three door 1.25 60 PS Studio version comes in at £10,000 and doesn't include the EcoBoost engine.

Whatever your budget we sure you will find something to take your fancy in the New Year.