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So you are after a new fuel efficient car. Which manufacturer do you go for and which model is the most efficient? We have written an article which shows which are the cheapest cars to run in the UK.

I know when I am looking to purchase a new car this is an area I always take into serious consideration but also know that a lot of people tend to neglect this area when considering buying a new car.

Obviously the main concern when people buy a new car is the cost of purchasing the vehicle, but we need to take more notice of the fuel efficiency, which is a major factor in the total cost of ownership. There are also several other factors which we need to consider when thinking about a cheap running car costs including: road tax, repairs, depreciation and maintenance.

This data has been compiled by the people at CAP and takes all the above factors into consideration, excluding the cost of insurance. They come to their conclusion by looking at new UK cars over a 3 year period and/or 36,000 miles. Anyway, lets take a look at the top 10 cheapest cars to run in the UK:

1. Volkswagen Up 1.0 Take Up
2. Skoda Citigo 1.0 S
3. SEAT Mii 1.0 S
4. Kia Picanto 1.0 1
5. Dacia Sandero 1.5 dCi Ambiance
6. Suzuki Alto 1.0 SZ
7. Peugeot 107 1.0 Access
8. Citroen C1 1.0i VT
9. Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi Ambiance
10. Mitsubishi Mirage 1.0 

As you would expect, the majority of these cars are within the city car class. Not only did CAP provide the data for the cheapest cars to run in the UK but we can also take a look at which vehicles are the cheapest to run in all the other vehicle classes in the UK:

The Volkswagen Up 1.0 Take Up is the cheapest in the City Car Class
The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest in the Supermini class
SEAT Toledo 1.2 E is the cheapest in the small family car class
Skoda Octavia 1.2TSI S is the cheapest in the large family car class
The BMW 518d is the cheapest to run in the executive class
Skoda Roomster 1.2 TSi Limited Edition is the cheapest in the MPV class
Dacia Duster 1.6 Access+ cheapest SUV to run

Do you own any of these economical cars? If so, have you found it cheap to run? Share your experience with us in our comments box below.

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