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As tax discs are now obsolete, and the government has decided to introduce a new electronic system people are wondering what they can do with their tax discs and holders. Lots of creative ideas are buzzing around. One really practical idea is to keep your receipt for paying road tax  in the holder but we also find some other uses.

What are people doing with their tax discs and holders?

Police in Bolton have suggested that the tax disc holders should be used to hold emergency contact data and vital medical information of the drivers, alongside the contact information for their next of kin. As the tax disc holder allows the paper to fold in on itself it will keep all this information private until the emergency services need it. This is rather imaginative, and by far the most useful thing a motorist can do with their tax disc holders. This could save countless lives by saving time in retrieving medical records. The team have created a template which you can print, cut out and fill in.  It is is available either via their Twitter account @MalvernCops or you can download and print the form here: ECDiscUpdate.pdf

Many motorists, who refuse to part ways with their tax disc holders, are taking Twitter and Instagram by storm and posting pictures of the very imaginative uses for their tax discs and holders.  People have been using them as coasters,  chewing gum  wrappers, confetti, cookie cutters, eye patches and even as a place to store batteries. Some people are celebrating the demise of the tax disc by turning them into artworks. Here are some great examples:

It seems that the nostalgia of a physical tax disc is already kicking in.   Some people are selling the tax disc holders from their Lamborghinis on eBay and Amazon for as much as £1,000.  Two of the last ever UK car tax discs are priced at £1,200 on eBay:

On a lighter note some people are even using the holders to keep biscuits in, probably not chocolate ones though! Some women out there will love this next suggestion…. Keep your compressed powder in the car when you’re on the go....

Store your compact in the tax disc holder for that hot date you have..,.

Most owners still seem to be displaying tax discs on their vehicle even when there is no need anymore.  Maybe, just maybe, we are so conditioned to having them in our lives we just can't let go yet!!!!!